CRISPR QC - Automated CRISPR Quality Control testing at the comfort of a lab bench.

CRISPR QC pioneers streamlined and automated CRISPR quality control tools to accelerate research while improving accuracy and performance. Powered by Cardea, our first product, CRISPR-BIND, runs on a fast and sensitive high throughput liquid handler that does not rely on optics or labels to perform quality control of CRISPR-Cas and gRNA complexes. CRISPR-BIND saves researchers both time and resources by characterizing the loading of gRNAs to CRISPR-Cas upstream of editing workflows.

CRISPR-BIND is now available to a limited group of customers through our early access program.

Adding to the value provided by CRISPR-BIND, future product versions in development aim to provide user-friendly quantitative analysis of the binding interactions between Cas complexes and amplicons (CRISPR-AMP) and amplification-free detection of whole genomic DNA (CRISPR-GEN).

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