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Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

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Full time


The Kleinstiver Laboratory ( in the Center for Genomic Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital, Harvard Medical School, is seeking highly motivated candidates for a post-doctoral fellow position. We are recruiting a post-doctoral fellow to work collaboratively on various projects seeking to bridge the development and optimization of CRISPR genome editing technologies with translational editing approaches. The candidate will play an integral role in projects related to genome editing technology development. The Kleinstiver Laboratory develops and applies CRISPR genome editing technologies for biomedical research and the treatment of human diseases. We utilize protein engineering methods to impart desirable properties into CRISPR nucleases, base editors, and prime editors, and seek to translate novel and optimized reagents into molecular medicines. The new hire will be appointed as a Research Fellow at the Massachusetts General Hospital and Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at the Harvard Medical School. Interested applicants should contact Dr. Ben Kleinstiver ( directly with their CV, a summary of their research accomplishments, and a brief description of research interests and career goals.

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