Scientist, CRISPR Genome Editing, Hematology


St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Memphis, TN

Scientist, CRISPR Genome Editing, Hematology

The Tsai lab is a fun, collaborative, and creative academic lab group at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital focused on advancing genome editing technologies for therapeutics. We are known for developing state-of-the-art genomic methods to understand and improve genome editors, and translating them for therapeutic applications. Dr. Tsai was chosen as one of the American Society for Gene and Cell Therapy (ASGCT) Outstanding New Investigators in 2020, and is one of the co-chairs of the Steering Committee of the NIH Somatic Cell Genome Editing Consortium.

We are seeking for an outstanding, thoughtful, and highly-motivated Scientist to help us advance state-of-the-art genome editing approaches for treatment of sickle cell disease to clinical trials at St. Jude, and to develop the next generation of novel genomic medicines.

We care deeply about the success of our scientists and this is a unique opportunity to work on multiple types of CRISPR genome editors, and to make a difference by helping transform them into potentially curative genetic therapies for testing in clinical trials.

About the Job
You will help lead a highly collaborative and fast-paced team focused on developing state-of-the art approaches to treat sickle cell disease by genome editing of patient human hematopoietic stem cells. You will use high-throughput genomic and protein engineering approaches to characterize the safety and improve different CRISPR genome editors (including nucleases, base editors, and prime editors), and help generate key data to support our goal of opening a clinical trial in 2022.

Primary responsibilities
• Genomic studies to understand current CRISPR genome editors in sickle cell disease editing context.
• Engineer novel improved CRISPR genome editors for therapeutic applications editing human hematopoietic stem cells.
• Design, organize, and perform in vitro and in vivo studies to characterize mechanism of action and potential toxicities associated with therapeutic lead candidates for editing of human HSCs.
• Analyze experimental outcomes and develop high-quality summaries towards manuscripts and grant applications.
• Draft manuscripts and figures for publication in high-impact journals.

Requirements for the position include:
• A Ph.D. in a relevant field, such as molecular and cell biology, genetics, or genomics.
• A strong publication record with multiple first-author publications and a track record of bringing projects to completion.
• Experienced with mammalian cell culture and sterile technique.
• Excellent communication, organizational, and presentation skills.

If you have experience in genome editing, next-generation sequencing, protein engineering, genomics, or liquid handling automation you may be an ideal candidate for the role. If you have experience with human hematopoietic stem cells, that is helpful, too. As long as you are willing to learn, we will gladly train you in any state-of-the-art techniques that you may not have direct experience with. There is room to grow in this position, and the next level in your career track would be a Senior Scientist.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is one of the world’s leading pediatric hospitals whose mission is to advances cures for catastrophic childhood diseases. Consistent with the vision of our founder, no child is denied treatment based on race, religion, or ability to pay.

St. Jude has been consistently named one of the best companies to work for by Fortune, GlassDoor, and others. St. Jude offers excellent benefits, great salary, help with relocation, and actively fosters professional development. As part of your role, you will have opportunities to attend and present at national and international meetings such as ASGCT, ASH, Keystone Genome Engineering, CSHL Genome Editing, and FASEB Genome Engineering.

Application process
Apply now to join our talented team!

Please include your CV and a cover letter addressed to Dr. Tsai who will read and review all qualified applications. If you have questions about the position, please don’t hesitate to e-mail Dr. Tsai directly at

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