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A new decade of exciting discoveries awaits on CRISPR Medicine News. Read on about one of the most remarkable developments in 2019: Prime Editing and discover how Cas12a is being engineered to a superior gene-editing tool. Also, don't miss some of our highlights of 2019, like a new gene-editing platform that could replace CRISPR/Cas9 or CRISPR as a bacteria killer.
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Prime editing is the new versatile 'word processor' for genome editing. Interview: Andrew Anzalone
Prime editing made the Nature top 10 papers of 2019 with a Nature paper describing a new CRISPR tool that enables incredibly versatile genome editing: All possible point mutations as well as deletions and insertions. First-author Andrew Anzalone talks to us about discovering prime editing.

Cas12a: Engineering superior tools for the CRISPR toolbox. Interview: Stefano Stella, Twelve BIO
They solved the CRISPR Cas12a structure, discovered how the unique Cas12a enzyme cuts DNA, and are now engineering superior variants for gene editing and diagnostics. Stefano Stella, CEO Twelve BIO, talks about the work.

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  • Simple strategy increases CRISPR knock-in efficiency by chemically modifying DNA-ends.

  • "I envision there being a whole catalog of CRISPR cofactors that can be used to enhance CRISPR activity." On how cofactors can move chromatin packaging out of the way to give CRISPR access to the DNA.

  • Temporal control of CRISPR gene editing systems by reversibly masking gRNA.

  • Great work. Cell paper provides an ex vivo strategy to treat cystic fibrosis using Cas9 and AAV.

  • Researchers develop a method to regulate nucleic acid cleavage and gene editing in live cells.


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