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  • Delivering gene-editing tools by sound!?! One of the biggest roadblocks for the clinical translation of cellular and gene therapies is a lack of efficient and scalable methods to safely engineer cells in therapeutically relevant numbers. We interviewed Steven Jonas and Paul Weiss from UCLA to hear about how a paediatrician and a nanoscientist joined forces to tackle this problem, and develop an acoustofluidic sonoporation device that can genetically engineer human cells at an unprecedented rate of 200,000 cells/minute.

  • Historic news as the FDA just authorized a CRISPR gene-editing tool for the first time: The COVID19 diagnostic kit developed by Sherlock Bioscience. Here CEO Rahul Dhanda tells the inside story from the pivotal moment when he decided to focus the company 100 pct. on COVID19 to the approval three months later.

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  • Engineering new AAV delivery vectors for carrying gene therapy tools like CRISPR to the cell types of your choice.
  • Our fantastic overview of CRISPR Cas endonucleases currently in focus for therapeutic applications. Do you know your Cas3 from your Cas12d?


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