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  • CRISPR gene therapy is safe. In November, researchers announced the results of the first US CRISPR gene therapy. Now the data are out in a peer-reviewed paper, and here are comments on the results from leading researcher Carl June and experts in the field.
  • Anti-CRISPR proteins. How to make gene therapy more precise and safer. Using a new principle of kinetic insulation anti-CRISPR proteins is a highly versatile approach to reduce CRISPR-Cas off-target effects. High specificity is critical for gene therapy, and the latest research may lead to safer treatments.

Other great reads

  • 'Roundup' soldiers!? US Army research on an innovative gene therapy that stops lethal chemical warfare nerve agents in mice.
  • AAV delivery and safety. A talk with Bence Gy├Ârgy about AAV chromosomal DNA integration in high frequency using CRISPR.


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