CRISPR Medicine News, 28 May 2020 | Opening the door to RNA editing therapies - CRISPR Medicine

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RNA editing therapies on the horizon!

  • Decoding Guide RNA Rules for Cas13. Research from Neville Sanjana's lab at the New York Genome Center opens the door to RNA editing therapies that can influence gene expression without making permanent genetic changes. The group recently cracked the code on guide RNA design rules for the RNA-targeting endonuclease Cas13. This means that researchers can now, for the first time, knock down any RNA in the human genome!

  • Read more about Cas13 in our overview of CRISPR Cas endonucleases currently in focus for therapeutic applications.

Did you miss last weeks big news story?

  • The COVID19 diagnostic kit made history as the first FDA-approved CRISPR application.CEO Rahul Dhanda told us the inside story of how Sherlock Biosciences developed the kit.


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