CRISPR Medicine News, 4 August 2020 | CasΦ - A Tiny But Mighty CRISPR System from Huge Bacteriophage - CRISPR Medicine

Tiny but Mighty: CasΦ - A New and Game-Changing CRISPR Tool

Researchers from Jennifer Doudna and Jill Banfield's labs at UC Berkeley have discovered and characterised CasΦ, a small and highly compact CRISPR system in bacteriophages. The new CasΦ works in human cells and could solve the challenge of fitting CRISPR-Cas into AAV systems for therapeutic delivery. Read our interview here.

More about the delivery challenge...

In case you missed it, you can read more about the CRISPR delivery challenge and what researchers are doing about it in our recent round-up on this area. You can find that here.

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