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Towards a CRISPR Cure for 'Bubble Boy Disease'

Children with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency (SCID), also known as bubble boy disease, are born without a functional immune system. The disease is devastating and so far incurable but advances in CRISPR are set to change that. In our latest interview, Ayal Hendel of Bar-Ilan University in Israel talks to us about his lab's efforts to develop safe and efficient therapeutic CRISPR strategies for SCID.

The CRISPR Medicine News Team is Growing!

In the past week, the CRISPR Medicine News team has gained three new members - our student Assistants Nethe Pedersen and Lasse Jørgensen, and veteran science journalist Gorm Palmgren. We welcome the new team members and we look forward to taking CRISPR Medicine News to the next level!

Check out Gorm's first piece on CRISPR as a potential therapy for obesity, and read more about your CRISPR Medicine News team in the About section.

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