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  • A rare genetic form of diabetes has just been CRISPR'ed. Researchers use CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to correct a diabetes-causing mutation in stem cells derived from patients. The edited stem cells can reverse severe diabetes in mice.
  • Do you know your Cas9 from your Cas3? Our new overview of Cas endonucleases is here to help. We highlight the Cas endonucleases that are currently in focus for therapeutic applications.
  • And speaking of Cas read our piece - Breaking the PAM Barrier - on the exciting research from Ben Kleinstivers' lab at Harvard engineering novel Cas9 variants that can target the entire human genome.

2020 overview of CRISPR clinical trials...

  • And there are updates to our comprehensive list of all the gene-editing clinical studies. Have a look - it's a growing list, and we will keep it updated.

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