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The list of CRISPR gene editing trials is growing

We have added the latest new gene-editing study - a phase1 cancer immunotherapy trial by CRISPR Therapeutics - to our overview of current clinical trials involving gene-editing.

The therapy is a CRISPR-Cas9 edited off-the-shelf CAR-T product called CTX130, which is designed to target CD70 on the surface of cancer cells and treat patients with relapsed or refractory T or B cell malignancies. CRISPR gene-editing is both use to insert the CAR construct and eliminate two gene products to avoid Graft versus host Disease and increase the persistence of CTX130.

Read about it here.

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Last week we announced two new additions to CRISPR Medicine News - our student AssistantsNethe Pedersen and Lasse Jørgensen.

Now we are happy to announce one more great addition: Veteran science journalist Gorm Palmgren.
Gorm has a Ph.D. in Cell Biology and has worked as a freelance science journalist since 2001. With more than 500 feature articles in magazines, books and on the web, he covers most natural and technical sciences including medicine, neurology, biotechnology, synthetic biology, computer science and technology. He will help lots of more great and interesting content CRISPR Medicine News.

In fact, You may already have seen his first piece on CRISPR as a potential therapy for obesity.

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