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  • New Nevada-based biotech Fixx Pharmaceuticals Inc. launches this week with plans to develop CRISPR and other gene editing therapies for bleeding disorders such as haemophilia. The company hopes to begin its first clinical trial in Q4 of this year using customised zinc finger nucleases to restore factor VIII and IX in haemophilia patients.
  • CRISPR Therapeutics (CRSP) is dominating the gene-editing field and is highly attractive to investors. But it is a bit hyped? Here, journalist Dana Blankenhorn looks at the company’s status and advises investors to spread the risk when investing in early stage companies: ‘CRSP is a reasonable speculation. Just don’t put money into it you can’t afford to lose. You may get a gusher, pardner, or a stream of tobacco juice on your wingtips.’





Conferences and Webinars

  • Free upcoming webinar – September 15th with industrial presenters covering what it will take to make CRISPR reagents suitable for use in human therapies, as these technologies progress from bench to clinic. Details and sign up here.
  • International CRISPR and Gene Editing Symposium is a complementary half-day virtual event running on September 23rd that brings together prominent gene editing researchers to discuss the current state and future of gene editing. Keynote speakers: Alexis Komor, PhD (UCSD) and Matthew Porteus, MD, PhD (Stanford). Details and registration here.


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Did you see that we will launch the first targeted recruitment platform for CRISPR-related jobs later this month? Soon, prospective employers and job seekers from all over the world will be able to use this unique platform to find highly skilled scientists and interesting jobs within the CRISPR Medicine field!

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