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Advertise on the first global media platform focusing on CRISPR Medicine / Genomic Medicine (Gene Editing, Gene Therapy, Cell Therapy).

With more than 20.000 readers per month from over 170 countries and +17.000 followers (LinkedIn, Twitter), CRISPR Medicine News (CMN) has become the leading media within the global CRISPR Medicine field.

Get exposed to our growing CRISPR Medicine community on CRISPR Medicine News and in our free weekly newsletters (+5.000 subscribers)


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Please note that we will only consider advertisements relevant to the CRISPR Medicine field, including but not limited to the following areas: reagents, delivery systems, conferences/meetings, technotes, podcasts and webinars.


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Meet our Global CRISPR Medicine Community

Meet our Global CRISPR Medicine Community
Meet our Global CRISPR Medicine Community
Meet our Global CRISPR Medicine Community

Do you plan to organise a webinar?

Why not use the CMN platform and get exposed to the global gene editing community



  • CMN host/moderator
  • CMN tech-support
  • Webinar landing-page, registration form
  • Invitations and promotion via CMN Newsletter and CMN SoMe channels
  • Recording
  • Registrant list
  • Stats engagement
  • Video Editing (extra)


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Banner Ads

Banner Ads
  • 6 banner ad slots available to reserve on the CMN Article site per week
  • Banner ads will also be included in the weekly newsletters

Job Ads

Job Ads
  • Includes: Logo, job title, link to job description
  • Included in CMN Jobs section and in the weekly newsletters
  • Job ad is active as long as job position is open
  • Shared on Linkedin and Twitter (optional)
  • Academic job ads free to upload
  • Easy upload using online form

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
  • CMN editor will write and/or edit the article
  • Includes: 6-12 months open access article on CMN website and 1 month in SC-1 slot (see image)
  • Included in a newsletter (one time per week the first month)
  • One share on LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Example Sponsored Content article

Sponsored Webinars

Sponsored Webinars

Two sponsorship packages available per CMN Webinar

  1. Includes advertiser’s logo on webinar landing page, in email invites, and in CMN newsletters. This package also includes one share on LinkedIn and the full webinar registrant list
  2. This is an exclusive sponsorship package that also includes 1 speaker slot and advertiser landing page on CMN website

Company Landing Page

Company Landing Page
  • Create a company landing page on CMN website and take advantage of the powerful SEO (> 40% traffic is organic)
  • Will be including in the "Featured Company" section for 12 months
  • Optimal for link-building and SEO optimsation
  • Includes: 1,500 characters, 3 download options, 1 video
  • Example of company landing page


  • Reserve the CMN platform for one week and get full exposure to the global CRISPR community
  • Includes:
    • Landing page (text, video)
    • Interview article (CMN Editor will do the interview)
    • Advertisement
    • 1 hour webinar (organised/managed by CMN - advertising company will invite speakers and choose webinar topic)
    • SoMe - LinkedIn and Twitter


Press Release Service (NEW)

  • Share your Press Release to the global CMN Community
  • Includes:
    • CMN editor write a brief news piece and publish it on the CMN platform just after the PR is out
    • SoMe - LinkedIn and Twitter
    • Examples here


  • Published on CMN similar to an article and also included in the Event section
  • Active landing-page from publication of the event to one month after the event (benefit of the strong SEO on CMN).
  • Shared on LinkedIn
  • Shared in CMN Newsletter

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