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Akribion Genomics

Company Type: CRO

Main focus: Discovery and engineering of novel nucleases

Company stage: Pre-clinical

Diseases: Cancer

Genome-editing tool: Proprietary G-dases® nucleases

Funding stage: sub-section of BRAIN Biotech AG (IPO: BNN)

Location: Zwingenberg, Germany



Partners: BRAIN Biotech AG

As a brand name of BRAIN Biotech AG, Akribion Genomics focuses on developing novel CRISPR nucleases into a new class of genetics-based cancer therapies and advanced genome-editing tools, powered by the BRAIN Biotech AG BioIncubator. Akribion Genomics’ CRISPR-based gene-editing technology platform features distinct technology families (G-dases®) with broad application in Industrial Biotechnology and Agriculture.


HashtagAkribion Genomics

Company: Akribion Genomics
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