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Broken String Biosciences

Company Type: Therapeutics

Main focus: Development of bioinformatic tools to assess genome-editing modification

Company stage: Pre-clinical


Genome-editing tool:

Funding stage: Series A

Location: Cambridge, UK



Broken String Biosciences is building a technology platform that accelerates the characterisation of novel genome-editing technologies, with the aim of unlocking the next wave of cell & gene therapies. The company's vision is a future where cell & gene therapies are safer, more efficient, and affordable for patients. Starting with its DNA break mapping technology INDUCE-seq™, Broken String Biosciences' data-driven platform reveals precisely how genome editors interact with and alter our genomes. Broken String Biosciences is backed by Illumina and Tencent and is based at the Wellcome Genome Campus, Cambridge, UK.


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Company: Broken String Biosciences
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