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Eli Lilly

Main (gene editing) focus: Genetic disorders in the liver and nervous system

Company stage: Commercial

Diseases (gene editing): Liver diseases and diseases of the central nervous system

Genome editing tool: ADAR RNA editing, Arcus Meganuclease

Funding stage: Public (NASDAQ:LLY)

Location: Indianapolis, Indiana, USA



Gene editing partnerships: ProQR Therapeutics, Precision Biosciences

Eli Lilly is a big pharma company with several commercialised medicines in its portfolio. The company's involvment in the genome-editing space comes primarily through its collaboration with Precision Biosciences, where Eli Lilly gets access to the ARCUS meganuclease gene-editing technology to treat genetic diseases of muscle, CNS and liver. Another collaboration in this space is with ProQR Therapeutics, where Eli Lilly gains access to an ADAR-based RNA-editing technology.


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Company: Eli Lilly
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