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Emendo Biotherapeutics

Main focus: Gene editing for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer

Company stage: Pre-clinical

Diseases: Severe congenital neutropenia, bone marrow failure, retinitis pigmentosa, cone-rod dystrophy, macular dystrophy, cancer

Genome editing tool: CRISPR

Funding stage: Private

Location: New York, USA



Emendo Biotherapeutics is a next-generation gene-editing company focused on developing novel nucleases for its proprietary CRISPR systems. The nucleases are being developed for enhanced precision and effiency, and are based on the company's proprietary OMNI technology platforms. The company focuses on diseases within haematology as well as ophthalmology and cancer. Emendo was was recently acquired by AnGes, but will remain an independent subsidiary of the company.


HashtagEmendo Biotherapeutics

Company: Emendo Biotherapeutics
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