2x Researchers - CRISPR Editing of Human Immune Cells


University of Oslo / Centre for Molecular Medicine Norway

Job type

Full time

Application deadline

Nov. 30, 2023


Haapaniemi lab focuses on developing personalized gene editing strategies for inborn errors of immunity. We have two new open positions:

Researcher, non-viral knock-in of large inserts

The work focuses on developing protocols for efficient and safe non-viral CRISPR-based integration of large (>1kb) cDNA inserts to diverse genomic positions. The target cell types are predominantly T cells and secondarily NK- and hematopoietic stem cells. We currently have efficient CRISPR protocols for small nucleotide variant knock-in in diverse genomic loci (>80% efficiency in >60% of anonymous blood donors) and these can be used as a base for further protocol development. Once the protocols are in place, they can be applied to various diseases based on your interest and scaled up for GMP-compatible pipelines. The tasks are as follows:

  • Design and conduct custom CRISPR experiments and screens in high-throughput robotics platforms
  • Set up custom Next Generation Sequencing libraries and technologies
  • Set up flow cytometry – based immunological assays
  • Set up functional assays for immune cells
  • Supervise students and technicians in designing and conducting molecular biology experiments

Researcher, stem cell editing

We are primarily looking for an experienced scientist with competence in basic stem cell research to support the work on hematopoietic stem cell gene editing & protocol scale-up to. Examples include:

  • Optimize stem cell ex vivo editing & culturing conditions
  • Characterize the functionality of the edited stem cells in vitro
  • Transplant edited cells to humanized mice
  • Design and optimize high-throughput biology experiments in robotics platforms
  • Set up custom Next Generation Sequencing libraries and technologies
  • Scale up protocols to pre-GMP and GMP scale

Contact information
Inquiries about the positions can be directed to group leader Dr. Emma Haapaniemi, (emma.haapaniemi@ncmm.uio.no).

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