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The Head of Laboratory (HoL) will be leading the newly formed laboratory of Turbine. In this role they will be expected to lead a team of lab scientists dedicated to research and development, implementing quality control procedures and routinely generating high quality data.

The HoL will act as the laboratory manager who’s duties include but it is not limited to supervising experimental procedures, reporting to the management team, overseeing resource planning and working to project timelines, hiring, performance reviews and training.

The scientific responsibilities are conducted by dedicated scientific personnel, but the HoL is expected to work together closely with the assigned experts to ensure that the laboratory generates high-quality proprietary data. These date will be used for AI-assisted training of the company’s computational human cell model, The Simulated Cell.

Key responsibilities

- Lead target discovery research projects, in particular: in vitro target and biomarker validation processes for novel cancer target candidates generated by in silico simulation screens
- Build a unique target validation platform by setting up CRISPR gene editing techniques. The cells generated will be used in combination with drug treatments for mechanism of action studies, with the help of -omics platforms to characterise changes at a cellular level . Develop further cutting-edge target validation methods, including robotics to generate robust and reliable data cell based data
- Coordinate the design and implementation of experiments for research projects planned together with senior biologists. Provide scientific input to project teams, lead scientific associates to interpret and challenge experimental results
- Closely collaborate with the in silico data team leaders and perform exploratory research on validation methods and model selection
- Technical assesment: monitor and refine utilized techniques (CRISPR library generation, Western blot, FACS, microscopy, tissue culture, etc)
- Collaborate with external CROs (tech transfer of assays, transfer of reagents and cell lines)
- Represent the Turbine Target Validation research group in internal and external advisory meetings, including input on target validation strategies. Present results internally/externally, write and review report
- Shape Turbine’s validation platform, perfom exploratory research

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