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New York

Postdoctoral positions are available in Alberto Ciccia’s laboratory in the Department of Genetics and Development at Columbia University Irving Medical Center. The Ciccia laboratory investigates 1) the molecular mechanisms that maintain genome stability to suppress cancer development (Taglialatela A et al, Molecular Cell, 2021; Taglialatela A et al, Molecular Cell, 2017; Huang JW et al, Nature Communications, 2020); 2) the interplay between genome instability and anti-tumor immunity (Leuzzi G et al, Cell, 2024); 3) the function of nucleotide variants in DNA repair genes using innovative base editing screens (Cuella-Martin R et al, Cell, 2021); and develops 4) novel methods for precision genome editing (Billon P et al, Molecular Cell, 2017; Nambiar TS et al, Nature Communications, 2019; Billon P et al, Cell Reports, 2020; Nambiar TS et al, Molecular Cell, 2022).

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Interested candidates with Ph.D., M.D. or equivalent degrees are encouraged to apply by March 15, 2024. Experience in molecular and cell biology, genetics or computational biology, and first-author publications are preferred.

To apply for this position, please submit a cover letter describing research experience and interests, CV and contact information of three references to:

Alberto Ciccia
Associate Professor
Department of Genetics and Development
Irving Cancer Research Center
Columbia University Irving Medical Center

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