Research Laboratory Manager (Kleinstiver Lab)


Mass General Hospital and Harvard Medical School


The Kleinstiver Laboratory ( in the Center for Genomic Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) is seeking motivated and enthusiastic candidates to join our team. Our research group develops, engineers, optimizes, and applies CRISPR genome editing technologies for biomedical research and to treating human diseases. We utilize protein engineering methods to impart desirable properties into various CRISPR-Cas nucleases (Cas9, Cpf1/Cas12a, other Cas12 enzymes, etc.), base editors, prime editors, and other novel editing platforms. We then translate these optimized reagents into pre-clinical models and primary cell types to explore their potential to correct disease-causing mutations.

The Research Laboratory Manager oversees daily operations of the research laboratory, including maintaining equipment/inventory, protocols, research inventories, daily budget and related inquiries. The incumbent will also supervise lab personnel and will play an integral role in projects related to genome editing technology development and applications thereof. Candidates should have an interest in genome engineering, CRISPR-Cas enzymes, protein engineering, molecular evolution, generating cellular models, and other related areas. Under the direction of Dr. Kleinstiver or other lab members, the candidate will become proficient in the following duties (examples, but not limited to): routine molecular biology (PCR, recombinant DNA cloning, bacterial transformations, etc.), biochemical techniques, mammalian cell culture, assessment of genome editing technologies in bacteria and mammalian cells, DNA sequencing (Sanger and NGS), designing and executing experiments, analyzing and visualizing data, assisting with routine laboratory tasks (organizing, ordering, stocking, etc.), preparing reagents and solutions, developing and optimizing genome editing assays, recording experimental details and results in an electronic notebook, time management, communication skills, and presenting summaries of work or scientific papers in lab meeting and journal club, respectively.

Interested candidates should also submit their applications and include the following materials:

  • CV detailing scientific experience, technical skills, publications, presentations, examples of mentorship, etc.
  • Description of the candidate’s research interests, examples of organizational skills, any knowledge or knowhow of genome editing technologies (not required for the position), financial an grants management, and career aspirations.
  • Contact information for three (3) references, including a description of the referee’s familiarity with the candidate.

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