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By: Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen - Jan. 17, 2020

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The end: CRISPR-baby scientist sentenced to prison

On 30 December, a Chinese court sentenced biophysicist He Jiankui to three years in jail, a fine and a research ban. The court confirmed He's claim that he created the world's first gene-edited babies (twins born in late 2018) and a third baby sometime later. Two other researchers received lesser prison sentences and fines. Also, Scientific American, New York Times, and BBC plus lots of commentaries Conversation, STAT1, STAT2, and Genetics&Society.

Great piece in the New York Times on the youngest person ever to get gene therapy. Treatment for sickle cell disease which affects millions of people globally.

CRISPR fighting disease. The first clinical-trial results are in, and CRISPR gene therapy for a host of diseases is moving closer to reality in 2020.


Great work. Cell paper provides an ex vivo strategy to treat cystic fibrosis using Cas9 and AAV.

Researchers develop a method to regulate nucleic acid cleavage and gene editing in live cells.


Nature takes a look at anti-CRISPR proteins. Anti-CRISPR proteins are the kill-switches for CRISPR that offer scientists a tantalizing tool for keeping gene editing in check. They could fine-tune gene therapies and make gene-editing safer.


Locus Biosciences initiate the world's first controlled clinical trial for a CRISPR enhanced bacteriophage therapy.

Promising. Accelerated program for gene therapy treatment of children with rare disease Sanfilippo syndrome type A (MPS IIIA).

Exciting times for gene editing. Pharma's gene and cell therapy ambitions will kick into high gear in 2020 - despite some significant hurdles.

$61 million boost to expand the CRISPR tool kit. Emendo Biotherapeutics synthesizing Cas9 alternatives.

Uh ah wow

Nobel Prize one step closer? Doudna and Charpentier win Israels Wolf Prize.

CRISPR gene therapy (surprize) in top biotech trends to watch in 2020. Also at The Scientist.

Not to be missed. David Liu and Feng Zhang lecture on 'The extraordinary evolution of genome editing' at the Broad Institute. Live stream on Tuesday, 21 January 6-7 pm EDT.


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