Your missing links are here (20 November 2020)

Some of the best stuff we picked up around the internet

By: Karen O'Hanlon Cohrt - Nov. 20, 2020

Top Picks

  • How are heart researchers using the Nobel Prize-winning genetic scissors? UK-focused piece from the British Heart Foundation.
  • Scientists at Tel Aviv University develop lipid nanoparticle-based CRISPR delivery system that specifically targets and destroys metastatic cancer cells in living animals. The team observed increased survival in aggressive mouse glioblastoma and ovarian cancer models following a single CRISPR treatment. This is “the first example of targeted CRISPR-Cas9 therapeutic gene editing for treating metastatic tumors,” write the authors in the article that was published in Science Advances this week.


Industry & Clinical



  • ‘INDEL detection, the ‘Achilles heel’ of precise genome editing: a survey of methods for accurate profiling of gene editing induced indels’: This new review published in Nucleic Acids Research should simplify the task of identifying one or several methods that will suit the particular need to properly detect and characterise genome editing-induced indels.
  • Report commentary in National Geographic: How to feed the world without destroying the planet. This piece mentions how CRISPR may contribute to solving the problem of feeding the world's population in a sustainable way.


Vision and Opinion

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News: Your missing links are here (20 November 2020)
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