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Some of the best stuff we picked up around the Internet

By: Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen - Jan. 31, 2020

Top picks

Using CRISPR–Cas9 genome-wide screen to uncover unique T-cell, that gives hope for universal cancer therapies.

Mammoth Biosciences aims to be Illumina for the gene-editing generation. The company has raised $45 million and aims to expand beyond CRISPR-based disease detection into gene editing partnerships. And already being used against coronavirus, Forbes.

Parents entering baby Eva in a controversial lottery to win $2.1 Mio. gene therapy treatment.

CRISPR in space, flu-free CRISPR-chickens, and other good CRISPR stories from 2019.

After nearly half a century, the concept of genetic medicine has become a reality: nine gene insertion treatments and five gene interference treatments listed by Scientific American.

Clinical Trials and regulation

Good news: Gene therapy trial to treat hereditary immune disorder show promising results in six patients.

Pfizer Phase III Gene Therapy Trials in 2020

One year after the world learned of He Jiankui's editing of twins, gaps in rules remain.


Better CRISPR gene editing toolbox for human stem cells.

Stem Cells, CRISPR, and Gene Sequencing Technology are the Basis of New Brain Cancer Model.

Discovery could lead to the first treatment for the dry form of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and improve treatment for the wet form.

"I envision there being a whole catalog of CRISPR cofactors that can be used to enhance CRISPR activity." On how cofactors can move chromatin packaging out of the way to give CRISPR access to the DNA.

Simple strategy increases CRISPR knock-in efficiency by chemically modifying DNA-ends.

Somatic gene editing ameliorates skeletal and cardiac muscle failure in pig and human models of Duchenne muscular dystrophy.


Researchers identify a novel cellular entry factor for AAV vector types.


Temporal control of CRISPR gene editing systems by reversibly masking gRNA.

The kill-switch for CRISPR that could make gene-editing safer.

Vision and opinion

Pricey gene therapies fuel debate over drug prices - and why there is no easy fix.

Paying for CRISPR Cures: The Economics of Genetic Therapies.


From bench to bedside - Synthego adopts GMP standards for producing sgRNA.

JPM 2020, a slow year. The big topics by CNBC.

Companies Join Forces to Address Urgently Needed Quality Control of CRISPR Genome-editing.

Uh ah wow

Biohacking CRISPR, reports on gene editing 'kitchen experiments', EU regulators are struggling to safeguard the new developments.


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