EditCo Bio, Inc. Expands Primary Cell Portfolio with Launch of Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools

Jun. 27, 2024

Enhancing Immunotherapy and Cancer Research with Advanced CRISPR-Mediated Gene Editing

REDWOOD CITY, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--#Tcell--EditCo Bio, Inc., a leader in genome engineering innovation, announced the expansion of its T-cell editing portfolio with the launch of Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools. This new addition builds upon the success of their Knockout CD4+ T-cell Pools, offering researchers an advanced tool for primary T-cell editing that brings unprecedented precision and scalability to cancer and immunotherapy research.

Leveraging EditCo Bio’s cutting-edge automated platform, the new Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools allow researchers to bypass challenging optimization steps and access highly functional edited T-cells ready for immediate use. This innovation accelerates the transition from research discovery to clinical application and delivers several key benefits:

  • Accelerated results: EditCo Bio’s unique 7-day protocol and proprietary guide RNA technology achieve knockout efficiencies approaching 100% in primary human CD8+ T-cells. Additionally, EditCo has several prescreened and optimized donor cells available to kick off projects immediately.
  • Dependable performance: Edited CD8+ T-cell pools demonstrate exceptional editing efficiency (~100%) and viability (>85%). with editing efficiency unchanged for at least 4 weeks in culture.
  • Enhanced functionality: Edited CD8+ T-cell pools showed antigen-specific CD107a mobilization, a hallmark of cytotoxic activity.
  • Customizable solutions: EditCo Bio can efficiently onboard customer-supplied donor cells, ensuring high knockout efficiencies, viability, and turn-around times tailored to specific project needs.

“For researchers working on the front lines of immunotherapy, having access to high-quality CD8+ T-cells can significantly accelerate the pace of discovery and therapeutic development," said Travis Maures, CSO of EditCo Bio. "Our new Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools provide the precision, efficiency, and scalability needed to push the boundaries of what's possible in cellular research.”

The addition of Knockout CD8+ T-cell Pools further strengthens EditCo Bio’s comprehensive Engineered Cell portfolio, solidifying its position as a leader in cell engineering solutions. The company plans to continue to expand its range of edited primary cell products to include other primary cell subsets, which will be available later this year.

For more information regarding EditCo Bio’s Knockout T-cell Pools, visit www.EditCo.bio/contact.

About EditCo Bio, Inc.

EditCo Bio is a pioneer in the development of CRISPR-engineered cells and high-throughput gene editing solutions. Originally a spinout of Synthego, EditCo Bio leverages the expertise, technology, and partnerships that are critical for creating a novel, end-to-end CRISPR platform able to accelerate scientific discoveries. They’re dedicated to building out a more accessible research toolkit to make genome engineering easier, faster, and more reliable.

To learn more about EditCo Bio, visit our website at www.EditCo.bio.


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