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TargetGene Biotechnologies

Main focus: Gene editing for the treatment of genetic diseases and cancer

Company stage: Pre-clinical

Diseases: Cancer, immune disorders

Genome editing tool: TargetGene Genome-Editing Engine (TGEE)

Funding stage: Private

Location: Rehovot, HaMerkaz, Israel


TargetGene Biotechnologies has developed a novel gene-editing platform called TargetGene Genome-Editing Engine (TGEE). Like conventional CRISPR systems, the technology uses RNA-guided nucleases for gene editing. However, the system uses two guide RNAs istead of one. In this way, the technology achieves highly efficient and specific editing of the target sequence. While the company yet has to disclose its lead programmes, it will mainly focus on cancer and immune disorders.


HashtagTargetGene Biotechnologies

Company: TargetGene Biotechnologies
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