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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company

Main focus (gene editing): Treatment of genetic diseases

Company stage: Commercial

Diseases (gene editing): Liver- and haematopoietic stem cell (HSC)-directed indications

Genome editing tool: Cas-CLOVER™, OMNI™ Nuclease

Funding stage: Public (NASDAQ: TAK)

Location: Tokyo, Japan



Partners: Poseida Therapeutics, Sangamo Therapeutics, LogicBio Therapeutics, EmendoBio (AnGes)

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company (Takeda) is a multi-national commercial company with many divisions and focus areas. The company's engagement in gene editing comes through collaborations with companies such as Poseida Therapeutics and EmendoBio. The recent collaboration with Poseida allows Takeda to use the Cas-CLOVER technology to develop gene therapies targeting liver and blood-related diseases.


HashtagTakeda Pharmaceuticals

Company: Takeda Pharmaceutical Company
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