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Poseida Therapeutics

Main focus: CAR-T cell therapies and liver-directed gene-editing therapies

Company stage: Clinical

Diseases: B-cell, multiple myeloma and solid cancers

Genome editing technology: Cas-CLOVER

Funding stage: Public (NASDAQ:PSTX)

Location: San Diego, CA, USA



Partnerships: Takeda Pharmaceuticals

Poseida Therapeutics is a clinical-stage CAR-T and gene editing company. The company is focused on treating various cancer types such as multiple myeloma, prostate cancer and B-cell malignancies. Poseida uses a proprietary gene-editing technology known as Cas-CLOVER in order to induce multiple edits in the genomes of its CAR-T cell products.


HashtagPoseida Therapeutics

Company: Poseida Therapeutics
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