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Some of the best stuff we picked up around the Internet

By: Rasmus Kragh Jakobsen - Jun. 11, 2020

Top Picks

Clinical Trials

  • New CRISPR clinical trial posted. A clinical trial on advanced hepatocellular carcinoma from Central South University in China using PD-1 knockout engineered T cells.
  • Gene-edited T cells to treat diabetes inch closer to clinical trials. Researchers edit the genes of patients' T cells to turn off the destructive autoimmune response in Type 1 diabetes. Another approach using CRISPR-Cas9 was recently described.





Vision and opinion

Heh, huh, wow

  • AI and CRISPR - the future is here! Israeli CRISPR-IL consortium to develop advanced tools for better efficiency and accuracy in genome editing of plants, animals and humans. Among the wide variety of companies is TargetGene, whose gene-editing platform TGEE we wrote about here.


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